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Officially, the Buick is just below the Cadillac in the General Motors hierarchy, and Oldsmobile was the middle of the five divisions.

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Buick is by far a better made automobile. Everything that was newly engineered for the Cadillacs was moved down to the Buick. In most cases …

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If you grew up in a General Motors household, it was probably ingrained in you early on that the only automobiles worth owning are those built by GM.

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But Buick is more of the sporty-upscale American car/SUV. They won’t be competing with Lincoln’s/Cadillacs for American luxury.

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The Oldsmobile looks softer, but in a lot of ways was the “firmer” experience. All the while the Buick projected a tower of strength attitude, …

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Olds had a more sporting image, while Buick was considerably more upscale. Family guys and businessmen drove Oldsmobiles, while doctors and retirees drove …

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More reliability. As for power, the Buick and Pontiac engines have superior head design and make more power across the rpm range than the …

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And all the steps through his life from Pontiac, to Olds, Buick … greatest difference was between Chevrolet and all the rest (of GM cars).

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In 1995 when Oldsmobile came out with the Aurora, they went down a sportier route than Buick, they had sportier, more modern designs then Buick …

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Ideally, both Oldsmobile and Buick executives say, they would like to re-establish images as they were in the 1950’s, when Buicks could be …

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