Does Buick Make An Electric Car ?

Not Evil Enough Buick Teases EV Concept Left Out Of Super Bowl Ad

All three of Buick’s new EV SUVs will utilize GM’s new Ultium battery technology, packed with cells assembled in GM’s Lordstown, Ohio plant.

2025 Buick Electra What We Know So Far Car And Driver

Buick has revealed that the Electra isn’t just a single model but rather the name an entire line of future all-electric SUVs. We’ll see the first of the Electra …

Buick Teases First Electric Vehicle Kelley Blue Book

Buick has teased its first electric vehicle, which may be a swoopy midsize crossover to be called the Electra.

Buick Teases Electric Concept Ahead Of Debut This Summer

It’s anyone’s guess which name Buick will use for its first electric vehicle in the US, but a battery-powered crossover based on the Ultium …

Buick Electra X Concept Previews A Sporty Electric SUV For China

Earlier today Buick unveiled the Wildcat EV concept, a two-door coupe wearing a new design language that previews Buick’s upcoming Electra …

Buick Teases EV Concept Ahead Of Full Debut This Summer

The Buick Velite family of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles is already available in China. The Velite 5 is a PHEV sedan. The Velite 6 is a …

Buick Says It Will Fully Electrify North American Lineup By 2030

Buick said it plans to introduce its first EV in 2024, but did not provide specifics. Supplier sources said the brand is planning to build …

First Buick Electric Vehicle In 2024 Full EV Lineup By 2030

GM’s pivot to all-electric vehicles continues with Buick, which just announced that the tri-shield brand will offer a full-EV portfolio by …

GM Unveils Buick Electra Electric Crossover Concept Claims Over 400

GM unveils Buick Electra electric crossover concept, claims over 400 miles of range with Ultium battery

GM has unveiled a new Buick Electra electric vehicle concept and claims a range of over 400 miles with GM’s Ultium battery.

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