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Oldsmobiles always had better styling inside and out than Buick.

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Officially, the Buick is just below the Cadillac in the General Motors hierarchy, and Oldsmobile was the middle of the five divisions.

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When it comes to GM cars, there’s the Chevrolet group and the Cadillac group. For some odd reason, though, they mostly stand among themselves. Yet there’s a …

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The Buick and Oldsmobile 455-cubic-inch V-8 engines are separate powerplants produced by the two automakers under the General Motors umbrella.

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More reliability. As for power, the Buick and Pontiac engines have superior head design and make more power across the rpm range than the …

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But ”Oldsmobile and Buick have traditionally been pretty close to each other,” said William W. Lane, the general manager of Oldsmobile.

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But Buick is more of the sporty-upscale American car/SUV. They won’t be competing with Lincoln’s/Cadillacs for American luxury.

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During its time as a division of General Motors, Oldsmobile slotted into the middle of GM’s five (passenger car) divisions (above Chevrolet and Pontiac, but …

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In 1995 when Oldsmobile came out with the Aurora, they went down a sportier route than Buick, they had sportier, more modern designs then Buick …

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