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Buick Logo Meaning and History [Buick symbol]. The history «of three shields in a circle» of the Buick logo takes its sources from the hereditary blazon of the …

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David Dunbar Buick founded his namesake brand in 1903 and for a long time its cars wore the company name in script, but in the 1930s a logo …

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Today, the three sheilds represent the partnership of Opel, Vauxhall and Buick. They could also represent the manner in which Buick now covers the turf of it’s …

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What Does the Buick Logo Stand For?

The logo has since evolved to depict three shields to represent the three Buick models being built at that time: the LeSabre, Invicta, and …

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Today, the Buick’s three shields have lost their patriotic colors and are chrome silhouettes of what they once were. The silver chrome indicates …



Buick did not always have its current logo. In fact, the company first used a bold Buick script on the front grilles of its early models rather …

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Buick Logo

The first Buick crest was created in 1937. It was based on the ancient coat of arms of the company’s founder’s family. The crest features orange …

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Buick Logo

The Buick logo was a simple ‘Buick’ wording across the radiator grill in honor of the company’s founder, David Dunback Buick. As time went by, …

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Buick Logo

What does the Buick logo mean? The three shields on the Buick emblem connect to the ancestral coat of arms of David Dunbar Buick.

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