What Does Buick Stand For ?

BUICK Fun Abbreviation Meaning All Acronyms


BUICK Fun Abbreviation ; 1. BUICK. Built Under Inspection of Crazy Korean. Car Brand, Slang, Automotive Humour ; 0. BUICK. Big Ugly Indestructible Compact Killer.

What Does BUICK Stand For BUICK Meaning Acronyms And Slang


BUICK — Big Ugly Indestructible Car Killer · BUICK — Big Ugly Indestructible Compact Killer · BUICK — Big Ugly Import Car Killer · BUICK — Barfed Up Icky Carmel …

What Does BUICK Mean In Joke Acronym24


The meaning of BUICK is Big, Ugly, Import Car Killer and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Joke terminology and BUICK has 2 …

What Does Buick Mean Definitions


Buick is a premium vehicle marque of General Motors. Buick models are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Israel. Buick holds the distinction …

Buick Urban Dictionary


A term describing a blow job in which both the penis and testicles are enveloped in the giver’s mouth. They take the whole buick: wheels, chassis and all. Have …

Buick Etymology What Does Its Name Mean And Its Origins

Buick etymology: What does its name mean and its origins?

Like so many automotive brands, Buick is named after its founder David Dunbar Buick. Buick was founded in 1898 as Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, …

What Does Buick Mean What Is The Full Form Of Buick YThi


The full form of Buick is from the name of its founder, David Dunbar Buick. It’s used on Business ,Companies & Corporations in Worldwide. Buick is a premium …

BUICK Meanings What Does BUICK Stand For All Acronyms


1. B UICK uick. Big Ugly Import Car Killer. Car Brand, Humour, Slang ; 5. BUICK. Built Under Inspection of Cooky Korean. Slang, Automotive Humour, Car ; 5. BUICK.

Buick Idioms By The Free Dictionary


buick. slang To vomit. I felt like I was going to buick from seasickness out on that boat. Farlex Dictionary of …

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