Why Are Buick Commercials So Bad ?

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This opening also features the original oepning commercial, for Buick, obviously, … “Bad to the bone” george thorogood – 1985 grand national ad …

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I can usually forgive companies for bad advertising, but Buick commercials are just SO horrible. I would rather buy a $500, 1992 Honda Civic …

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This is the worst commercial running right now, hands down. “You brought all those players in your Buick? That’s so you.

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The ad that shows people in the back seat whispering: “I thought she bought a Buick” is totally annoying. Buick has been around for over 100 …

This Commercial Sucks Buick S That S So You


A stupid commercial? Oh, that’s so you, Buick. And yes, I realize this one’s been out for months, but I’ve seen it a bunch of times today, …
But it fails because they never really convinced the mainstream that Buicks were cool in the first place. The campaign betrays a lack of …
Buick’s “Mistaken Identity” Commercial Seems to Mock the Brand’s Own Terribly Unpopular Cars – The Truth About Cars.

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These trucks are practical and versatile, yet stylish and adaptable, too. The GMC Sierra 1500, Sierra AT4, and Sierra 1500 Denali comprise this brand’s light- …

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1.) The terrible theme song that sounds like a 12yo created on a synth board. 2.) The scripts are cringey and cheesy. … Marketing old people …

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No it’s a Buick” series of commercials had me stifling rage towards a commercial. That was pretty bad. But we can have all commercials be like …

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