Why Are Buicks So Ugly ?

Why Fools Call The Encore Ugly Buick Forums


In patriarchy, prowess dominates. Big and fierce are therefore inherently superior. And so when male reviewers kind of cringe at the Encore as …

Ugly Cars That Should Have Never Left The Assembly Line Cheapism


It’s so powerfully ugly that a blobfish wouldn’t be seen next to it.” Although the odd auto fusion of an SUV and sporty sedan had a moment …

These American Cars Would Have Been Great If They Weren T So


These American Cars Would Have Been Great… If They Weren’t So Ugly · 8 1970 AMC Gremlin · 7 1970 Buick Riviera · 6 1980 Excalibur Series IV · 5 …

Can Anyone Name An Uglier Modern Car Than The Buick Encore

Can anyone name an uglier modern car than the Buick Encore? from cars

Nope, we discontinued that after 1 model year. Wouldn’t say it was ugly, just obscure.

These Were The Ugliest American Cars Of The 1970s HotCars


If They Weren’t So Ugly. 2 1979 Buick Riviera. via mecum.com. The Buick Riviera is a stunning car, but its 6th generation is certainly not …

The Buick Skylark Uglier Than The Pontiac Aztek Autotrader


Think about that: The car was so ugly that GM killed off the name. The Skylark may not be as bad as the Aztek, but for all the reasons I’ve …

Blog Post The 25 Ugliest Cars In History Car Talk


We’ve collected 25 of these bad ideas, all ugly enough to grow rust on a plastic shovel. As you’ll see, no car-producing nation is immune …

The Top 5 UGLIEST Cars On The Lot 2 Buick Encore Honorable

Taking #2 is a REALLY ugly car (IMHO), the Buick Encore! It is the posterchild for everything …

10 Cars Every Petrolhead Hates Most In This World


“Compact Crossovers” are the worst. They’re stupid, impractical, and usually hideous. No ground clearance, FWD… the list goes on and on. Buick Encore, Chevy …

Ugly Cars It S Crap WordPress


The Encore looks like an automotive klutz and dangerous to drive due to its topheavy, rollover prone appearance. The lines are compacted with no grace at all …

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