Why Buick Is Not Popular In Us ?

Buick Name Is Erased From Buicks As Sales Slip For Century Old


As of the 2019 model year, the Buick name is no longer stamped across the back of its North American models. In China, where Buick claims …

15 Buick Cars No One Bought HotCars


The Buick Regal, well known for its long-standing presence in the Buick lineup, is slowing down in sales in North America and will be …

When Better Buicks Are Built We Don T Get Them In The US

When Better Buicks Are Built We Don’t Get Them In The US

While Buick tries to become GM’s SUV brand they are making some cool cars for China that we are not getting in the US.

Is Buick An American Brand Texan GMC Buick


Are Buick automobiles manufactured here in America? … Buick Encore – This popular compact SUV is produced in Bupyeong, South Korea. … No matter…

Why Don T Americans Drive Buick Quora


The majority of seniors do not drive Buicks. Statistically the most popular cars in the US are: Hyundai Elantra. ( Photo: Hyundai); Chevrolet Cruze …

Is GM Mapping The End Of Buick In America Forbes


The first car to lose the brand name is the 2019 Envision SUV. Though I was unaware, Buick apparently does not put the Buick name on its cars in …

Is There A Reason Buick Dropped The Ball For The American Market

Is there a reason Buick dropped the ball for the American market? from cars

The reason GM kept Buick is because for whatever reason it sells well in China. They, like more and more brands, don’t care about America …

Buick Throws In The Towel On Cars In The US ExtremeTech


Sedans are out at Buick in the United States as it shifts to an all-SUV lineup in 2020. The final sedan in the US lineup, the Regal (main …

GM S Buick Brand Nearly Died How Buyers Are Saving It


Buick was the highest-rated U.S. car brand for dependability in J.D. Power’s … Buick has done what GM’s luxury brand, Cadillac, has not …

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