Why Did Buick Stop Making Sedans ?

Buick Sedan Owners Have Found The Perfect Alternative CarBuzz


Sedans like the Buick Regal and LaCrosse are finished. GM’s premium brand has no intention of bringing either of them back.

General Motors Has Just Three Sedans Left In The US GM Authority


With the departure of the Buick Regal and Chevy Sonic, General Motors has just three sedans left for the 2021 model year in the United …

These Vehicles Are Discontinued For 2020 Car And Driver


The Buick Regal GS sedan, Regal Sportback five-door, and Regal TourX will not survive beyond the 2020 model. And once they’re gone, Buick will …

Buick LaCrosse Owners Not Moving To Crossovers As Much As


Of course, Buick isn’t the only automaker to discontinue its large sedan models. Several former Buick LaCrosse rivals have also been given the …

Discontinued Vehicles Buick Canada


In 2019 Buick began its transition to an SUV brand. However, It’s no surprise that our sedans, with their sophisticated styling and elevated features, …

Why Did Buick Get Rid Of The Regal MotorBiscuit

Why Did Buick Get Rid of the Regal?

For those who love a great sedan, now is the time to act. Most American automakers like Buick, Ford, and GM are cutting all sedan models. It has …

Buick Throws In The Towel On Cars In The US ExtremeTech


Sedans are out at Buick in the United States as it shifts to an all-SUV lineup in 2020. The final sedan in the US lineup, the Regal (main …

Buick Name Is Erased From Buicks As Sales Slip For Century Old

Buick, the company, effectively ceased to be an automobile manufacturer after 2010, when General Motors shut down its vast “Buick City” …

Has Buick Stopped Making Sedans FAQ Blog


Expert Answers: Sedans are out at Buick in the United States as it shifts to an all-SUV lineup in 2020. The final sedan in the US lineup, …

Ford Fusion Buick Regal Production Ends As Sedans Continue


Production for the Ford Fusion and Buick Regal has been discontinued as both automakers shift to producing more crossovers and SUVs.

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