Why Did Buick Stop Making The Cascada ?

Why Did Buick Stop Making The Cascada


Buick has confirmed what many expected: the Cascada convertible won’t return for the 2020 model year. … Automotive News learned Buick told its dealers to …

Why GMC Is Discontinuing The Buick Cascada Convertible


Starting in Summer 2019, Buick will be discontinuing the Buick Cascada Convertible model from their manufacturing lineup.

Say Goodbye To The Buick Cascada CarBuzz


Stop everything you’re doing this instant. This is very important to read. Why? Because the Buick Cascada convertible is officially being …

It S Official Buick Will Kill Off The Cascada This Summer

It’s Official: Buick Will Kill Off the Cascada This Summer

Buick announced it would officially discontinue the Cascada when its production in Poland, based on the Opel Cascada, ends this summer.

A More Detailed Look On Whether The Buick Cascada Was A Failure


Why The Cascada Was Discontinued … Although Buick claimed the Cascada brought over new customers, their family-friendly convertible fell short …

Buick Cascada Getting The Axe After 2019 Model Motor1


Opel has announced that it will end the production of the Cascada, Adam, and Karl in October last year. The three cars’ end of life was due …

Buick Stops Cascada Production In Poland No Replacement Planned


Buick Stops Cascada Production In Poland, No Replacement Planned … A soft top, an old platform, front-wheel drive, turbocharging, four cylinders …

The Buick Cascada Is Dead And There Is No Shortage Of The Usual


The very last Buick Cascada has been built: the last example rolled off the assembly line in (where else?) Poland, closing that segment for …

The Buick Cascada Is Not Long For This World Car And Driver


The Buick Cascada convertible isn’t likely to stick around much longer. Opel has announced that it will end production of its own version of …

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