Why Did Buick Stop Making The Regal ?

Buick Discontinues Regal Banishes Cars From Its Lineup


The decision was a simple one for the GM brand. Car sales have been declining for years, and nearly 90 percent of Buick’s sales now come from …

Buick Regal Is Dead Leaving Buick With An All SUV Lineup


Buick is dropping the Regal from its U.S. lineup after the 2020 model year, including Sportback, GS, and TourX wagon models, …

Buick Regal Regal TourX Being Discontinued After The 2020 Model


Pour one out for the Buick Regal. Citing a growing lack of demand, the firm announced it will deep-six its last remaining sedan and its only …

Ford Fusion Buick Regal Production Ends As Sedans Continue


Production for the Ford Fusion and Buick Regal has been discontinued as both automakers shift to producing more crossovers and SUVs.

10 Reasons We Will Miss The Buick Regal HotCars


Buick recently announced that by the end of 2020, they will be ending production of the Regal, thus ending 113 years of Buick car production …

Buick Regal Discontinued GM Kills Passenger Car Turns To SUVs


General Motors is taking further steps to reduce its passenger car lineup by killing the Buick Regal after nearly half a century of sales.

Buick Regal Is Ending Production CarBuzz


General Motors hasn’t officially announced the Buick Regal’s death yet, but the automaker confirmed to us last year it will be discontinued for …

Why Did Buick Get Rid Of The Regal MotorBiscuit

Why Did Buick Get Rid of the Regal?

There are other times when the decision might be painful, but it makes sense, like when the market forces an auto company to make a hard …

Buick Is Now An All SUV Brand As Regal Production Ends CNET


North America’s Buick Regal Sportback and Buick Regal TourX wagon are no more, and with the demise of these models, the brand’s transition …

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