Why Does Buick Only Make Suvs ?

Why Did Buick Get Rid Of The Regal MotorBiscuit

Why Did Buick Get Rid of the Regal?

The Buick Regal used to be one of the automaker’s sedan offerings, but that was before it was cut completely. What led to its demise?

Buick Name Is Erased From Buicks As Sales Slip For Century Old

The brand’s logo is all that’s left, and soon, the company might be gone from the car business altogether — making only S.U.V.s and …

Buick Is Now An All SUV Brand As Regal Production Ends CNET


North America’s Buick Regal Sportback and Buick Regal TourX wagon are no more, and with the demise of these models, the brand’s transition …

Why Does Buick Only Make SUVs Quora


Mostly because American buyers aren’t interested in cars anymore. So Buick pulled out of the car market for the same reason most major players have. Further, …

Buick Throws In The Towel On Cars In The US ExtremeTech


Sedans are out at Buick in the United States as it shifts to an all-SUV lineup in 2020. The final sedan in the US lineup, the Regal (main …

Discontinued Vehicles Buick Canada


In 2019 Buick began its transition to an SUV brand. However, It’s no surprise that our sedans, with their sophisticated styling and elevated features, …

New 2022 Buick Models Lineup SUVs Future Vehicles


The Buick Enclave is a midsize luxury S(YOU)V that only Buick can make. From head to tail, the Enclave embodies a sophisticated, ergonomic design that …

Buick Killing The Regal In North America So It Can Focus

Buick Killing The Regal In North America So It Can Focus Exclusively On SUVs

Now, the demise of the Regal, which comes after they already killed the LaCrosse and Cascada, will turn Buick into a crossover/SUV-only …

Buick From Failing To Famous AutoInfluence

Buick From Failing to Famous

The Buick Enclave is a three-row, seven-seater midsize SUV. … The GX version of the Encore has only very recently started to be made, …

Buick Regal Is Dead Leaving Buick With An All SUV Lineup


Buick has already announced that the LaCrosse sedan will end production, meaning that the brand will soon sell only SUVs and crossovers in …

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