Will Buick Go Electric ?

GM Announces That Buick Is To Go Fully Electric By 2030


The General Motors brand Buick has announced its transformation into an all-electric car manufacturer by the end of this decade.

Buick Says It Will Fully Electrify North American Lineup By 2030


Buick said it plans to introduce its first EV in 2024, but did not provide specifics. Supplier sources said the brand is planning to build at …

GM S Buick Will Go All Electric By 2030 In Product Line Makeover


General Motors Co. will make all of its Buick models electric by 2030 in a move to remake the brand in the US.

Buick Is Rebranding As An Electric Only Automaker The Verge


Buick is rebranding as an EV-only automaker. The GM-owned company says it will only sell electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

Buick To Fully Electrify Its North America Lineup By End Of Decade


Today, Buick isn’t part of the conversation when you talk about electric vehicles or sustainability, but that is slated to change in the …

Buick To Go All Electric By 2030 The Hill


General Motors, which owns Buick, announced Wednesday that the company will offer its first EV in 2024 and follow up with several new models. By …

Buick Unveils A New Concept As It Prepares Total Overhaul Of The Brand


General Motors’ Buick brand will go all-electric by 2030, following the same timeline for Cadillac. Buick is also getting a new emblem as it …

First Buick Electric Vehicle In 2024 Full EV Lineup By 2030


GM’s pivot to all-electric vehicles continues with Buick, which just announced that the tri-shield brand will offer a full-EV portfolio by …

Buick To Go All Electric First Car Launches In 2024 Consumer


Buick announced today that it will launch its first electric vehicle in 2024, as it charges ahead to offer an all-electric product portfolio …

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